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Beginning with a woman who views the world through the lens of beauty and a place with never-ending possibilities to create, Stephanie’s Creative Space was born to be an inspiring space where others can create, too. After spending many years as a franchise store owner, Stephanie Mathews had a vision to cultivate a new unique creative space. From this vision, Stephanie’s Creative Space came to life! 


Stephanie’s Creative Space is a venue that offers a place for customers to rent by the hour to host their own events. Whether it be birthday parties, corporate meetings, or charity events, patrons are able to put their vision into reality. However, Stephanie’s Creative Space goes beyond a simple venue, our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience and memories that will last for a lifetime. We want our space to be your space too. A safe haven to reconnect with your loved ones, to recognize new life and new foundations, and to release and recharge in an enjoyable, inviting space. 

Photography by: Fioria

With her husband Dr. John Mathews and miracle twin babies Sophia and Jude as her biggest motivation and encouragement, Stephanie wanted the idea inspired by her family to extend to other families. As Stephanie’s husband, Dr. Mathews, is a former Airforce Veteran and currently serving as a Bone Marrow Transplant Physician at Medical City Dallas, we are committed to giving back to our local communities. Stephanie’s Creative Space is a platform for the community to use as fundraising and charity, where we contribute 20% as well. It is a space that you too can utilize to pay it forward.


Whether you are coming for a fundraising party, bridal shower, or birthday celebration, you are in for a great time to put those sparks of creativity into action and enjoy a great time!


Photography by: Fioria


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